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Ghost Rider Hellfire Shotgun Mark III by StealthNinja5
Ghost Rider Hellfire Shotgun Mark III
For the 3rd time, constructed Ghost Rider's hellfire shotgun for me to use for my Ghost Rider cosplay after my previous 2 versions were all scrapped. The construction method is once again the same, except with some minor differences. The Mark III model has been applied neutral gray in order to give a darker look than white and small overlapping plates have been applied on the lower barrel in order to give it a chain-like appearance, just like from the movie.

Materials: Styrofoam, wooden dowel (thick), hot gluegun, acrylic paint (orange and neutral gray), paint marker (black) and matte varnish
Post-Zombie Hunt Flirting by StealthNinja5
Post-Zombie Hunt Flirting
Take a cheerful yet bubbly and energetic high school cheerleader with her chainsaw and an emotionless, calculating yet lethal agent of AMS with his pistol and powerful will to accomplishing his missions and what do we get? Another perfect yet sweet zombie-destroying couple! Crossing over for the 1st time Lollipop Chainsaw (Juliet Starling) with one of my favorite old-school zombie shooter classics, The House Of The Dead (AMS agent G).

Drawing pen, colored pencils and Photoshop
Barricade Blade Wheels Spiked Flail Prop by StealthNinja5
Barricade Blade Wheels Spiked Flail Prop
Following the completion of my Megatron pistol prop that I made to use for Barricade, this bad-cop Decepticon scout still won't be considered complete without his own iconic melee weapon: a spiked flail (called "blade-wheels")! The rope ring can be either held with hand or worn on the wrist, imitating as seen from the movie and taking the reference from my Human Alliance Barricade toy.

Materials: Styrofoam (black and white), harness rope and hot gluegun
Megatron Prop (Modified Handcannon Mode) by StealthNinja5
Megatron Prop (Modified Handcannon Mode)
2nd set of shots of my G1 Megatron prop that I have worked on for 2 days, but this time in its modified handcannon mode by the addition of targeting scope, arm-rest guard and longer barrel, just like as seen in the original animated series as well as original toy.

Materials: Styrofoam, wooden dowel (both thin and thick) and acrylic paint (white, black and orange)

Regular pistol mode:…
Megatron Prop (Regular Pistol Mode) by StealthNinja5
Megatron Prop (Regular Pistol Mode)
It took me 2 days to finally think up and construct this prop pistol not only to use it for my Barricade (Transformers) cosplay, but also to bring pure nostalgia for G1 cartoon series fans. Here is the 1st amount of photo of Megatron in his modified Walther P38 pistol mode, though as regular pistol without the longer barrel, targeting scope (which would become Megatron's Fusion Cannon) and arm-rest guard.

P.S.: Another reason for me to construct this prop is inspiration from Al Pacino's movie Scarface, the iconic "Say hello to my little friend" scene that I wish to for one of my cosplay photoshoots someday. Comparing this prop I made with the original toy that was out years ago, it cannot transform into robot mode, but it does have parts that are interchangeable into 2 modes- regular pistol and modified hand-cannon mode.

Styrofoam, wooden dowel and acrylic paint (white, black and orange)

Modified handcannon mode:…
Dear friends,

I truly cannot believe that these past 3 months are almost passing by ever since I left NY and been residing here in Korea. And you know what that means....October, the month of New York Comic Con and Halloween is starting to kick in! lol

However, it'll be considered a devastating one for this year since I will not be able to attend NYCC 2014 to have as much fun as I had for 4 years cosplaying, merchandise buying and meeting some good guest celebrities, etc. The only I could do is sit and suffer in depression and jealousy as I see those who are going there enjoy a lot more than I have been doing. TwT

Speaking of NYCC, hopefully there be something fun and exciting that would definitely cheer me up though when Halloween comes. Otherwise, what's the whole point of all this for me?

Only by dealing with my military issues and job matters as soon as possible, within a year at most, would there be a miraculous chance for me to return back to NY once and for all for sure.

In the meantime, will just be continuously busy working on new cosplays, as well as upgrading and repairing the already finished ones that need a lot of attention. Stay strong once again as always, fellow deviants.
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StealthNinja5's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Allow me to introduce myself

Born: Seoul, Korea Jan. 9, 1990

I like to draw, play games (either on console or PC), martial arts, cooking and even just like the others, make lots and LOTS of cosplay costumes!

1) Kyo Kusanagi- King Of Fighters XIII
2) Rikimaru- Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven
3) Scorpion- Mortal Kombat
4) Ghost Rider- Marvel
5) Green Hornet- Green Hornet
6) Hank J. Wimbleton- Madness Combat
7) Richard Miller- Time Crisis
8) Kage-Maru- Virtua Fighter 5
9) Hwoarang (customized biker ver.)- Tekken 6
10) Takanuva- Bionicle

<Coming Soon Cosplays>
1) Kuwaga Raijer/Navy Thunder Ranger- Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger/Power Rangers Ninja
2) Hwoarang (training ver.)- Tekken 3/6
3) Tahu (Toa Mata)- Bionicle
4) Kabuto Raijer/Crimson Thunder Ranger- Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger/Power Rangers
Ninja Storm
5) Ninja uniformed Gouraijers (Ikkou and Isshu Kasumi) custom- Ninpuu Sentai
6) Thomas Anderson/Neo- The Matrix
7) Kamen Rider Kabuto

More will be on their way soon, so stay tuned. :3

Whenever you have time, feel free to drop by and leave me lots and LOTS of comments, to which I'd strongly be honored to receive. Thanks a lot! :)

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favala86 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
hey ^_^...been so busy lately...not that i am brag...but guess who i had met this past week end
StealthNinja5 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yaya Han. I met her in person before too, twice. Though main first time was not NYCC, but way back on August 2012, International Cosplay Day Singapore when she arrived as guest appearance and judge for the cosplay contest which I took part in (was cosplaying as Ghost Rider). When I met her again at NYCC 2013, I told her every detail of who I was and then she said "Oh hey! Now I remember you!" lol

P.S.: How I know of this? Read it from the journal entry in your page.
favala86 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014 was very awesome to see her there in person...most of the people in line there was mostly there to see her boobs lol
StealthNinja5 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
(regarding on the reason why people were lined up to seeing her as you speak) -w-....
First time when I saw her since ICDS (International Cosplay Day Singapore) 2012, I didn't expect to see that she was real short, in fact, few inches shorter than me! lol
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powerkidzforever Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
hey man
rottenheart54 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
you're welcome friend :)
Taokk Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student General Artist
hi there
just wanted to say ...
I miss you so much! :(
StealthNinja5 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Haven't heard from you for such long time, how are you? lol
My apologies about my long leave of absence, ever since I left NY a month ago and currently residing in Korea for time being. A lot of things I have been busy with during my time here. 1st is a lot of cosplay work which many of my costumes need to undergo repairs on damages as well as upgrading, followed by needing to deal with military service issues as well as job matters. Also, been busy with managing my cosplay page in Facebook of trying to find many more ways to getting people's attention to liking and seeing my work throughout the years. Hope everything is all fine in your area.
Taokk Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Student General Artist
Thanks :)
powerkidzforever Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
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