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Bushinyan Flaming Twintails by StealthNinja5
Bushinyan Flaming Twintails
Just finished today a new costume part that will be used for one of my new cosplays that is undergoing work: the flaming twintails for Bushinyan from Youkai Watch! To wear these pair of tails, just simply slip in a karate belt through the tail slot and have the tails hanging behind you. Originally the flames were to be orange, but decided it would be better if I painted them deep gold, just like they were from anime/game. :)

Materials: Hard acrylic felt and hot glue
Big Bug To Catch by StealthNinja5
Big Bug To Catch
Applebloom spots a big bug to catch with strong hopes that she will claim and bring home what will be her greatest trophy (as well as possibly earn a Cutie Mark?). The 3rd crossover fan art of Capcom and MLP: FIM, featuring Gravity Beetle from Megaman X3 and Applebloom. This humor-based art is to show that this is one of the things that youngsters enjoy doing during summer when it is not at pools or beach, as well as the fact that Gravity Beetle is next on my "new cosplays to work on" list. lol

Drawing pen, colored pencils and Photoshop
Heracross Leg Armor by StealthNinja5
Heracross Leg Armor
Finally, a perfect samurai leg armor complete, with 1st pair being Heracross! Usually the back part of the leg armor was the hardest to work on since you need to get the dimensions right, with diameter being big on top while small on bottom. Also, some white "laces" have been pasted on the front plate to give it a bit more samurai-look, as well as represent Heracross' legs (which will soon be followed by wearing white tabi socks with sandals). Will use this same method for my other leg armors of my other cosplays, with Scorpion being next after this.

Materials: Hard acrylic felt, snap-on/off stickers and hot glue
Heracross Wings Attached by StealthNinja5
Heracross Wings Attached
2 versions of Heracross wings once attached on the back of the armor, one when on ground and another when flying during battle, just like Yoshimitsu from Tekken 4! :D
Heracross Wings (Closed) WIP 02 by StealthNinja5
Heracross Wings (Closed) WIP 02
I've done it just in time! Completed the 2nd version of Heracross wings that will become the 2nd interchangeable part with the flight-mode wings. The straps are the same design as well as made using the same materials for the 1st pair.
Hey there, fellow deviants,

Looks like tomorrow is definitely the big day at last: the 1st Seoul Comic World of 2015! Yessiree, after I postponed some days of attending due to some new cosplays that were not yet complete, as well as still undergoing some work, I finally got everything all set. Not only am I making a debut of next new cosplay, but also for the 1st time, cosplaying as 2 characters in just 1 con day. Here is my final decision:

1) Elliot Ness- The Untouchables (Kevin Costner film)
2) Black Jack- Osamu Tezuka anime/manga of same name

Hopefully I enjoy attending this con once again, just like how others are enjoying their time at Katsucon right now (lucky for those guys). Not only am I busy with making preparations for that big day, but tomorrow has also one more meaning: Valentine's Day! Despite it is impossible for me to be anyone's Valentine, I can at least be busy working up as many as I can of Valentine's commission art that I can draw and send/share with friends to wishing them a happy one, considering it as possible make-up for receiving chocolate from anyone (or will it?). owo;

Overall, hope everyone have a great time there at Katsu and be safe at all costs, okay? Remember to stay strong as always, fellow cosplayers and deviants. Thank you.

Best regards,

P.S.: Hopefully my Elliot Ness cosplay goes all well, even when photographed. owo
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StealthNinja5's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
South Korea
Allow me to introduce myself

Born: Seoul, Korea Jan. 9, 1990

I like to draw, play games (either on console or PC), martial arts, cooking and even just like the others, make lots and LOTS of cosplay costumes!

1) Kyo Kusanagi- King Of Fighters XIII
2) Rikimaru- Tenchu Wrath Of Heaven
3) Scorpion- Mortal Kombat
4) Ghost Rider- Marvel
5) Green Hornet- Green Hornet
6) Hank J. Wimbleton- Madness Combat
7) Richard Miller- Time Crisis
8) Kage-Maru- Virtua Fighter 5
9) Hwoarang (customized biker ver.)- Tekken 6
10) Takanuva- Bionicle

<Coming Soon Cosplays>
1) Kuwaga Raijer/Navy Thunder Ranger- Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger/Power Rangers Ninja
2) Hwoarang (training ver.)- Tekken 3/6
3) Tahu (Toa Mata)- Bionicle
4) Kabuto Raijer/Crimson Thunder Ranger- Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger/Power Rangers
Ninja Storm
5) Ninja uniformed Gouraijers (Ikkou and Isshu Kasumi) custom- Ninpuu Sentai
6) Thomas Anderson/Neo- The Matrix
7) Kamen Rider Kabuto

More will be on their way soon, so stay tuned. :3

Whenever you have time, feel free to drop by and leave me lots and LOTS of comments, to which I'd strongly be honored to receive. Thanks a lot! :)

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